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Becoming a Donges SUPA IGA Customer Club member ensures you receive special pricing across a huge range of selected items in our stores and earn points that can be redeemed for shopping vouchers.


Here’s How It Works!

First off you need to activate your card by registering via our website please follow the link to register.  You will need a member card along with a receipt with the card number, your mobile number, a PIN number and simply follow the instructions.

Once your card is activated it is redy for immediate use for you to start earn and allocating your points.  You may choose to earn them for yourself or choose from our list of charities, schools and organisations to elect who you would like to support.

For your convenience we supply both a card and key tag so you will you will always be able to collect points.

Every time you shop you will be asked by one of our friendly cashiers to present your Donges SUPA IGA Customer Club card ensuring your discount and points are applied.

Your card will then be scanned at the register, which will automatically calculate your savings and also allocate a fixed percentage of the money you spend on IGA branded products to a predetermined local organisation or charity – it is that simple.

Look for the specially marked shelf tickets featuring the ‘All New’ Donges SUPA IGA Customer Club.


Does Donges SPA IGA respect My Privacy?


At the end of the day we do like to keep things simple as possible. Apart from the legal jargon there's really only two things that matter:

Your privacy is paramount. We will never provide your details to any third party.

By joining you will have access to special member pricing and offers, plus a fixed percentage of everything you spend at our store will be donated to the community group that the store has chosen via customer feedback.

Note: Points accumulated do not directly equate to a dollar amount for the nominated charity you select. However, we do use the points to create the distribution split from monies raised via IGA branded product purchases in-store.



Donges SUPA IGA Customer Club
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